How To Run an SEO Digital Marketing Campaign On a Budget

Small businesses and startup enterprises alike have to conduct their digital marketing efforts with a tight budget in mind.

Unlike major brands and large corporations, there is a lack of resources to speculate and throw at a promotional project that will have a long-term benefit to the brand.

Yet that scenario should not place extensive limitations on what is possible in the online sphere.

Spending thousands of dollars will certainly help an endeavour, but it won’t provide the authenticity and organic following that organisations require for quality rankings.

You can still earn a significant amount of traction with some clever and frugal strategies that won’t blow out the budget in 2018.

Here we will outline what you can do from your own desk for you to manage your SEO in Sydney and expand the reach of your company name, all the while keeping money in your pocket for other departments.


Build a Network of Peers

In order to obtain that critical organic following you have been craving for an affordable digital marketing campaign, there needs to be a network of peers established. This will illustrate to the search engines that you are a certified brand within that industry, and it will help to leverage an online community who is invested in that product, service or topic.

There is a strong likelihood that you have a commercial partnership or relationship with a shipping courier, a sister company, a fellow blogger, an investor or some entity that can help you gain traction. Source them out and ensure that this relationship can be maximized.


Write Regular Rich Blogs

The more things change in the SEO digital marketing landscape, the more some things stay the same. Rich regular content is a no brainer for brands looking to illustrate their expertise to the community and to keep the website ticking over, you need to provide fresh insight as often as possible.

What is commonly acceptable now is for articles to be written in length to hit the 1000-2000 word mark, allowing for breadth and scope where multiple keywords can be accumulated. Certain brands will find this aspect challenging given their industry limitations, but this is a difficulty we will tackle next.


Optimize Current Content

The concept of SEO can be viewed from a number of angles, but one that is often overlooked is the capacity to leverage and improve content that has already been created. For many organisations there can be difficulty to expand on a topic, subject or product that has already been promoted, and you feel as though you have exhausted all avenues. Yet there are ways and means of boosting what is already on hand.


Consider any of the following techniques to optimize your content:

  • Include hyperlinks
  • Expand keyword use from small core selection to alternative varieties
  • Include embedded video
  • Include embedded imagery
  • Include audio
  • Lengthen posts in word count
  • Utilize alt-text, tags, headers and descriptions
  • Link to peer groups

These strategies are designed to use common sense and to leverage the search engine algorithms that are already established.


Be Mobile Compatible

Digital marketing in 2018 has to see mobile users as the first port of call. 2016 would be the year when more internet use globally occurred over the smartphone than on desktops and to be a viable entity driving organic traffic, your website needs to be friendly to the hand-held device community. Simply run a mobile test diagnostic on any of the free online outlets that are available, identify any alterations that need to be made and make them. Search engines require your due diligence on mobile compatibility, so run that check and make the changes where needed.


Tight budgets are part and parcel of existing in the commercial landscape, and digital marketing does not have to be seen as an expensive luxury that the top players can only afford. This is a domain that revolves around strategy, persistence and diligence. If you work smart with SEO, your small business or startup can reap the rewards.



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