How Families Can Best Negotiate Common Nursing Home Costs

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Families who are examining nursing home costs for a loved one can feel overwhelmed by the entire process.

Amid all of the laws, policies, packages and services that are on hand, it can be hard to identify what actually constitutes good practice.

Fortunately there is help at hand, with a number of strategies in place and people to engage with on this subject.


Knowing What Costs Are Involved

Once families are informed about what is involved with nursing home costs, the sooner they can find a solution that meets the needs of the individual they are caring for. This will feature a number of the following:

  • Accommodation deposit – various payment options available
  • Basic daily fee
  • Means-test fee
  • Extra services

There will be different approaches that families can take throughout each of these fees, providing upfront payments or establishing a series of transactions to avoid a significant upfront cost.


Packaging Debts With Aged Care

There will be some retirees who still have outstanding debts that they have to consider before thinking about nursing home costs. There are measures in place where these costs can be packaged together to ensure that the balance is covered. Once they have been identified, it will be valuable to look at support programs and financial advice services that ensure the quality of the aged care is not compromised because of these responsibilities.


Knowing What Services to Invest In

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The complications of nursing home costs can be hard to stay on top of from a distance, but the amount of details work in the favour of retirees. Here they are able to select a package that works for them rather than settling for a one-size-fits-all approach that takes power and choice away from their possession. From health and food to leisure, clothing, energy, housing, transport, communications and other goods and services, constituents are able to determine if they require a modest investment in these categories or a comfortable investment.


Having Time to Plan

The greatest commodity that families have when thinking about nursing home costs for a grandparent, parent or close family member is time. The less time that these parties have to plan out a transition to an aged care facility, the greater the chance that mistakes will be made. The switch from full-time work to retirement will already be a significant transition to make, but this is where facilities and services should already be considered before they are officially approached. Once they are aware of the need to acquire this assistance, the easier it will be to manage the move and organise the details.


Hiring Expert Assistance

The burden to manage nursing home costs in isolation is not an exercise that should be left to families alone. There are expert services that work specifically in the field of aged care, ensuring that all loopholes and opportunities can be leveraged to the client’s benefit. This can include loan options, strategies to increase Age Pension access and other means of diversifying assets to offset any potential financial exposure in the intervening weeks and months of the transition. There will be implications for superannuation as well as alterations to insurance policies, so rather than being encumbered by so many logistics and details, it is valuable to have an experienced operator to seek their counsel and advice.


Families should not have to feel stressed about managing nursing home costs for their loved one. Once they have read through the details, understood their responsibilities and examined the options on the table, a sound judgment can be made. Issues will only arise when the organisation is left to the last minute.


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