How to Get Your Video to Top Ranks

Are you creating quality video content but it’s not getting the recognition it deserves?  Video is a powerful medium for publishing material that will help your business, but this will only help if people are actually watching your stuff. Crossing this hurdle is the tricky part.

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To help, we’ve thrown together a list of the best video SEO techniques to push your video into the top ranks on Youtube and search engines…

  1. Longer videos

Did you know Youtube’s most important ranking factor for videos is total watch time? The idea is that Youtube wants videos that will keep people on the site for longer.

If a 10 minute-long video and a 2 minute-long video are uploaded and both have the same audience retention, where people watch half the video, Youtube will preference the 10-minute clip as this will have five times the number of watch minutes.

If viewers watch more total minute, it’s a win-win situation for yourself and YouTube.

  1. Reel viewers in and keep them

Did you know one fifth of people click away from a video within the first 10 seconds? This is how long you have to give them a good reason to stay. It may be a good laugh, a relatable problem, or new knowledge and insights.

You have to get your audience’s attention and hold it. They say, if you keep them hooked for that first 10-15 second window, they’re usually in it for good. YouTube hence recommends that video creators focus more on the content in the outset of the clip.

The question is, what can you put into the first 15 seconds that will do the trick? The answer is the ‘PPP formula’. This stands for preview, proof, preview…

First, preview what your video is all about. Cut out the fluff and get to the point of what your viewers can expect.

Secondly, prove that you’ll be teaching them something real and useful about the topic, and that you have the expertise to do so. Highlight your research, credentials, or personal experience as evidence.

Finally, you need to follow up with another preview. You’re not repeating the initial overview but going into more detail about tips, examples, and other info you will be covering.

  1. Keywords

This wouldn’t be SEO if we didn’t bring up the holy grail, the keywords. It’s no secret now that the traditional method of keyword stuffing content no longer makes the cut, as platforms like YouTube and Google are catching on.

Both of these use a video’s title, along with tags, captions, filenames, and alternate text, to understand what it’s about. These web-platforms are getting smarter everyday, but they’re yet to be able to see an image like we can, so it’s imperative to use these tools to accurately describe the content.

So, be sure to include your major keywords in your title, create tags to match, and write a description. Beyond this, be sure to say keywords in your video a few times – without overdoing it, this can be very effective.

  1. Annotations

Once your video is on YouTube, you can add annotations to them. These are the clickable captions that pop up over the video that can be a side note, a link to your web page, or a prompt to do something. This adds an interactive element to your video and (you guessed it!) a great opportunity to insert those cherished keywords.

  1. Mobile-friendly

Like with text content and images, you must ensure your video player is optimized for mobile device – including such things as resizing to fit the device’s dimensions, and fast loading speed. Since so many of us always have mobile devices on hand for information, this is crucial to search engine rankings.

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