Changes that Joint Families can Bring in Society

Family is the place where a person stays without inhibitions, stress and selfishness. More the number of family members more are the happiness. This is a fact which most of the people today are ignorant about. Joint family is the place where many relatives including grandparents and siblings collectively live in the same house. The new generation forgets the importance of maintaining the relationship between family members. The main benefits of living in a joint family are the fun, care and entertainment formed among the members. Loneliness is a situation which is very unfamiliar to the members of a joint family.

The expenditure of the family is met by the shares of each member other than unemployed members like children and teenagers. The common perspiration of the family members leads the family to strong bond which is unbreakable. The sharing of resources is also a productive way which is a conservation strategy and reduces the expenses. The togetherness of the joint family is high which prevents the members to involve in any kind of antisocial activities. A problem of one member of the family is considered as the problem of everyone and joint effort is taken to solve it. The parties on occasions are also an important element of joy making.

The guidance from elders in problematic situations makes it simpler for the youngsters. In the present scenario, joint family can help a lot since the youngsters depend on the virtual friends from social media to share their problems which are decisive in nature. The support and care from the family can prevent this. In case of nuclear families, it is not necessary that the parents get time to check the trivial matters of children. This is absent in joint families since the uncles, aunts and other relatives put due care to the activities of all children.

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